Lost Gloves #01

Book Design / Experimental Bookbinding 


            When people turn the pages of the book, do they also feel surprised?Therefore, collecting these [Lost Gloves] and using experimental binding to explore the possibility of book binding has become my creative challenge.
            If you find any "Lost Gloves" around you, please share with me.︎
            人们在翻开书页的时候, 是否也会有发现惊喜的感 觉呢? 因此,将这些【遗失的手 套】收集起来,运用实验 装订形式去探索书籍装订 的可能性便成了我的创作 挑战。
            如果你有发现身边 “遗失的手套”欢迎和我分享。︎