Weaving Project 编织实验

Workshop 工作坊活动

Weaving Project|2023 |Hangzhou

编织实验 Weaving Project 工作坊带领大家将日常生活当中的废旧材料作为工具制作编织器,并且提供材料教大家动手操作基础的编织。通过对材料的触摸和废物的利用,这个工作坊希望参与者能够通过学习打开可操作、可持续的并且让自己进入安静平静编织状态的大门。

编织实验 Weaving Project is a workshop provides daily wastes to make portable weaving machine and to teach audience to do weaving with your hands. By touching the material and using the wastes, the workshops wish people could find the peace and calm during weaving through an affordable and ecofriendly way.

Weaving Project|2023 |Hangzhou