Soft Growing

Interactive project / Video Installation
- from the residency project of BY ART MATTERS


            "Soft Growing" is Cai Binhui's work during her residency at by art matters, which is from August 2022. The work is inspired by her observation and feelings in Hangzhou.
            I think that Hangzhou is soft and wrapped with green plants.  The feelings of “softness” also shows in the connection and communication between people. The people here create the caring and confortable living environment, and the delicate and gentle environment, in return, embracing the people here.
            By setting soft weaving corners, Cai Binhui "exchanged" the free time of urbanites to interact with her work. These soft pieces are "growing" in some corners of the urban space. It is defined as the spiritual exchange and mutual influence between urban space and people.
            * This is a long-term project which will “grow” in many other cities


Local Charm Exhibition | 2022 | Hangzhou

Soft Growing in public space | 2022 | Hangzhou