Shadow Game 影子游戏

Workshop 工作坊活动

ShadowGame Workshop|2022 |Hangzhou

影子游戏 Shadow Game工作坊是在天目里美术馆艺术驻地期间的公教活动。通过观察城市公共空间、发现城市空间的结构和故事、通过拼贴和重组、利用城市形状光影进行创意绘画的工作坊活动。将城市空间观察用趣味的方式去进行表达和重组。通过工作坊活动的形式,去让参与者更多关心和关注我们身边的城市空间。

影子游戏 Shadow Game is an art workshop during my residency program in BY ART MATTERS. By observing urban public space, discovering the structure and narratives of public space, I lead participants  to find out the shape of urban space. Through a playful way of using the light and shadow, they recreated the shapes of urban space, and turned them into a drawing.
The workshop is meant to make participants care and find more connection to the space around us.

ShadowGame Workshop|2022 |Hangzhou